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What to Know When Choosing Celtic Tattoo Designs

Niche Content Articles Directory | What to Know When Choosing Celtic Tattoo Designs

What to Know When Choosing Celtic Tattoo Designs

By: Walter Sigmore

The cross is among the popular Celtic tattoo designs which is being widely used. Often, this design is being characterized by placing a circle on the center of the cross which is the middle of the 3 points of the whole figure. This tattoo design has been considered to represent the heritage and faith of the Celtics. While it used to be hugely favored by the male species, this is not the real case nowadays. There are several tattoo artists of today that have added a feminine touch to these Celtic crosses.

Commonly, these designs involve some twisted turns and knots which can produce an extremely intricate and bold pattern. They are normally done in different shades of white, black, and gray but the entry of different colors is also being welcomed. Such variety has been the preference of females who want to have a more lively look that can fit their femininity best. In addition, there are also some tattoo artists that are good at making the design better. They can give the image some added dimension by playing with the Celtic tattoo's shape and colors.

With regards to choosing a tattoo, you must first consider each implication which will be put surrounding the cross symbol. Since the cross is the common symbol of religion for the Celtics, the four elements are being connected to the four corners of the cross. Enclosed with a circle, it is said to represent eternal life because the circle does not have any beginning or an ending. Also, the circle can represent the sun and the 4 corners signify the north, south, west and the east.

A good thing regarding the Celtic cross design is that they can be done in different sizes. Because of this, there is an endless ideal body part where this design can be inked. They can be placed on the arm, ankles, wrists or even the lower back. For this reason, there are many people choosing to get the cross pattern since they have limitless capabilities. Similar with a lot of tattoo designs, you can also include your own personality in your tattoo. You can even incorporate a basic Celtic cross and a flower. There is actually no limit and as you make your own design, it will have more meaning.

Up until today, ancient symbols are still being used as a source for inspiration for the influence of today's art pieces. And with this, Celtic tattoo designs have not been spared. Because these designs can be dated back to the earliest centuries of our evolution, choosing them can be an excellent decision.

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