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Winter Scarf – How To Wear Them

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Winter Scarf – How To Wear Them

By: Jeff T

Scarves can be an excellent accessory for both men and women and worn all seasons. Winter scarves are made of different fabrics, such as cashmere, wool, silk, polyester, cotton. Different texture can have various ways to tie them. The following are four favored methods of tying the scarves that will draw attention to the material, the reason for wearing it, hue, and the similarity of the clothes.

Wool scarves which are full of winter feeling with fringes and the balance scarf knot is suitable for the cotton. These scarves are well within the loose coat. Firstly, they can reduce the heavy sense from the jacket and maintain a relative balance. Second, add beauty. That is why it is known as balance knot which suits for both men and women. The outdoor is the suitable environment of this knot. Women may select some bright colors like pink, orange and green. Of course, you can have a lot more choices if you are young enough. Solid, somber colors seem to reflect mens colors choices in winter scarves. A few examples are dark blue and brown. Also, the grid style is a wonderful selection. The procedures of this kind are: Wrap the scarf around the neck and tie a knot through passage before the end of the scarf around the neck is in the rear end of the dressing back through the gap between the wrap and the neck adjusted a bit to keep the same length on both ends and keep the balance.

The slim knot works well with scarves made from wool or cotton. As for clothing match, the sweaters or turtle neck sweaters can go well with solid color scarves. It is simple and should also wear a cloak. The lower the neckline, the better a multi-hued scarf will be. To avoid being too flashy, consider wearing a more conservative color sweater. The knot is appropriate for outside wear. The way to put a scarf on is usually the same, only fashion differs year to year. You tie this knot as follows: wrap the scarf around your neck and knot it both at the front and at the back of your neck. It belongs to the basic typing knot for the thick scarves because it is easy to learn. It is the advantage of it. It is also easy to do and saves time for the lazy men.

The square silk scarves are excellent for beautiful knot. Choose a solid color shirt to wear with a patterned scarf; if your scarf is plain then you can choose a patterned shirt to go with it. The best suited occasion for this knot is when going for office. A pastel coat works well with a purple scarf. Usually the contrast color from the same bright color tone can be easily failed but it can be attractive with a light blue color. Four steps are necessary to tie this knot. Roll it a bit from the longer edge and fold the silk scarf into a triangle. Be sure to allow space for this to happen later. Place the triangular section at the front of chest while knotting it in the back. Adjust it until it looks right and had no wrinkles.

Author Resource:->  silk winter scarf can turn a woman's head in winter, scarves are a useful fashion accessary whether they are mens scarves given by women or worn by men.

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