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Antivirus of the last generation is ready to fight ZeuS

Antivirus of the last generation is ready to fight ZeuS

The infection of the worldwide Internet by ZeuS virus has influenced all the virtual community. The trojan appeared to be able to trace and transfer any information it wanted from the infected computer, this including financial data, to the servers of hackers through remote access.

The virus plays a simple game: within one banking session it logs in to any banking service from the exposed computer, and then instantly sends the user's money to the hackers’ account. Worse still, its latest version is equipped with VNC (Virtual Network Computing), enabling it to totally exclude the user’s participation in the process. What it does for that is enabling the virus to self-authorize in many payment systems and use the browser, transferring victim’s money from any account. By the way, the most unreliable browsers are Internet Explorer and Firefox.

ZeuS is registered to break almost all currently existing kinds of computer protection. It can bypass even the advanced protecting systems like certificates, keys to access and extra authentication forms (which can be found under the “magic word” password field), letting alone the DiggiPass (Go3) protecting device.

The financial damage resulted from ZeuS attacks can be estimated by taking into consideration that in each hundredth instance of attack, it steals up to 100,000 dollars from the customers’ accounts, while in every 5th case out of a hundred, the lost amounts are rather smaller. It mostly damages corporation that lose money destined for the employees’ salary payments.

Over 3 million PCs in the U.S. have been already affected by this incredibly fast-spreading ZeuS trojan, which amounts to almost 8% of the total number of virus attacks in the world.

The U.S. and Western Europe mostly suffer from ZeuS trojan attacking the Fidelity retirement’s and the Bank of America’s accounts alongside with those of brokerage companies such as Ameritrade, E-Trade and Schwabs.

Though internet banking is not very widespread in Russia, the virus is rampant in the country as well. At the most danger are the Citibank’s and Alfa-Bank’s accounts, not to mention different payment systems like Yandex.Money, OSMP (Qiwi) or WebMoney.

The plastic cards owners are recommended to be more careful and attentive than ever, because virus can easily transmit your billing address from statistics online and the accounts will be empty as the money will evaporate through any online store.

Since ZeuS trojan has got polymorphic encryption, it became almost impossible to block it for all antivirus protection systems, despite of the fact their databases were regularly updated. But now the computer market is offered an innovation system Shield EC. Its designers claim it provides total protection from virus attacks. The producing company’s (Martindale Enterprises Limited) press release explains it by the 2-year cooperation with the ZeuS Tracker, a Virus Prevention Centre. As a result, Shield EC antivirus was created, recommended for use by all types of corporations, as it can eliminate the risk of financial losses due to ZeuS attacks.

Shield EC is available today at the distributors’ official websites at a cost of around $70. Not such a high price for protecting your life from the potential losses of money.


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